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Rei is the Universe and
Ki is its Vital Force.

You have two angels with you all the time, one on your left shoulder and the other on your right side. Make them happier by taking one of my FREE ReiKi Healing Session.

No Meeting

We don't have to meet in person. Still, I need to see you online at least once to find out if you can feel REIKI.

Before starting our session, take a look at my other webpages. There is a lot of information that you may need.

At the upper menu there is the About page, where you will find more information and than you have also the Credentials page, where I uploaded my Certifications and finally a very important page the FAQ page, full of questions and answers.

Easy To Use

Please follow the below steps.

First Step is to take my Test to see if you are able to receive REIKI. This Test is made of 10 simpe Questions with Yes and No answers.

Just CLICK on the link below:

Are Your Personality Ready to Receive REIKI?

Second Step is to click on the Subscribe button.

Anytime Anywhere

After you receive REIKI from me, you are able to use it anywhere, anytime, only for your own use.

I am giving you the right to take REIKI energy whenever you need it, at any hour and any day, no limitations, ONLY if you will send me in exchange another kind of energy I need.

You will be able to receive REIKI as long as you will agree to remain Subscribed, after our Free Trial first session.


tagorange1Your FREE Distant ReiKi Session

Begins Here

CLICK on the link from above where it is written "Begins Here".

cd1After Our Session Ends

Send me an email


Please allow me to know what are your feelings after my Reiki healing session.

db1ReiKi the Healing Vital Force of the Universe

By scheduling a Distant REIKI Session, you agree and consent to receive REIKI from me.


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