REIKI Healing

ReiKi is a simple method that is able to help you at distance. It doesn't matter where you are, this Universe Vital Force can heal you. I will only need your name. No address. We shall be in direct contact using Slack chat.

Probably you will think that is another scam. If someone would tell me this a few years ago, I should say the same.

The truth is that I begun to achieve this ReiKi Energy and I healed myself and others. The idea is that I found people who did not feel anything. No heat, nothing.

I tried to find a pattern and asked them questions to find why is this happenning, but without any result.

My conclusion is that there are persons who are maybe more pessimistic or are more anchored in the reality.

That's why REIKI cannot be a service you may ask to be paid for.

When you will take one of my ReiKi healing sessions, you have to stay sitted on a chair with both your hands on your knees with your palms up for ten minutes.

I will be there with you in direct and personal contact within the internet Slack chat. After we will finish our session, you will be asked to fill a survey. I need it to see what and how you felt.

tagorange1Your ReiKi Healing Session

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Please schedule your ReiKi Healing Session

cd1After Our Session Ends

Fill up my Survey


Please allow me to know what are your feelings after my Reiki healing session.

db1ReiKi the Healing Vital Force of the Universe

By scheduling a Distant REIKI Session, you agree and consent to receive REIKI from me.