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Rei is the Universe and
Ki is its Vital Force.

You have two angels with you all the time, one on your left shoulder and the other on your right side. Make them happier by taking one of my FREE ReiKi Healing Session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is REIKI, in fact?

REIKI is some sort of energy that floats freely in the whole universe. People is calling it on different names. I should name it more properly as TAO because it is something that do only good.

Why we don't meet?

Because this way I can heal more individuals than ever. I tried this method and it works just fine.

How often do I have to use REIKI by myself?

You may use REIKI from me anytime, anywhere, without any fear that you are using it for too long. REIKI is making you healthier, so if you use it longer is better.

Can I use REIKI to other people?

Unfortunately, I cannot give you this permission. You must use REIKI from me, only for yourself. But, if you want, tell to the person who is in need about me and will take REIKI directly from here.

What shall I do if my hands, after I wash them, have lost REIKI heat?

This is not a problem. It happens all the time after your hands are washed up. Take all over again and ask for REIKI to come to your hands, in a quiet place and you will have REIKI from me again.

I don't feel any heat in my palms. What to do?

As I mentioned in my description, there are some people who do not feel anything. This is not an isue and if you don't feel anything at all that means you are one of those persons who cannot be hypnotized so easy, am I right?

Try again, wash your hands, say Our Father in your thoughts and request again REIKI energy from me. After more than one or two trials, you have to feel at last some heat in your palms.

Probably you are a non believer or you are more fixed in the reality and cannot agree with this simple way of healing.


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Please allow me to know what are your feelings after my Reiki healing session.

db1ReiKi the Healing Vital Force of the Universe

By scheduling a Distant REIKI Session, you agree and consent to receive REIKI from me.


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