First of all I want to thank you for being here.

I tried for a long time to make money online but it seems
that is very hard to find the right people that will pay
for your services or products.

Step by step, I became more convinced that I have to find
something to do on my own, without the need to sell anything to anyone.

I found a lot of crappy websites that offer work at home
businesses. After I paid the 25$ they want me to pay,
they left me with a copy of their website and with a big
kick in my butt to find other simple people like me
to offer the same thing.

I did not. I couldn't

I really dislike to offer something that is a lie.

I also found those kind of Gurus that
they say will give you exactly the same websites
they made a lot of money with
and guide you on how to make yourself money.

They offer you 95% of the business and all you have
to do is the rest of 5%. Sounds great, don't you think?

Well, after you paid your monthly fee, you will end up
with a back office where you could do a lot of stuff,
but never earn a profit from what you do.


Because that 5% that you should do, it was the most
important and hard work. That was finding new clients.

So, I searched more and more.

Thus, I found out about cryptos, Bitcoin and mining.

The idea is that we have two things here,
your TIME and your MONEY.

If you have a lot of time to waste and no money,
maybe is good for you to begin with
a no investment business that will
take a lot of your time but none of your money.

If you need money faster, that means you need
some money to invest and you will make some profits
after a couple of days or weeks, not years.

Believe me, I tried everything.

And finally, I found the way on how to make money as a passive income.

I am going to tell you the truth.

I don't like to work hard.

I never did in my whole life.

What I would like is to have so much money
so that I could go to some short vacation, gateaways, each week.
That will probably make me feel happy.

I am not poor, but I cannot afford to go in a gateway trip each weekend...

So, I am an engineer and I kind of like things properly put.

That's why I've made below a step by step action for you.

All You Have To Do To Make Money Online
Without Any Sales or List

Is To Take My Below Steps One After Each Other.

At the End, You Will Earn a Passive Income.

The Left banner goes to a free program I used and I am satisfied,
where you have nothing to pay

On the right side, if you click on that banner
you will go to the programs where you have to invest
your money and receive a profit.


I advice you to take both path.

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